Australian Diaspora

From Tulbagh to West Australia




Third "pioneer"

The third "pioneer"   Hendrik Johannes Walters married  Magdalena Catharina Reyneke on 19 April 1829 in Tulbagh. Hendrik died young at  37 years on  Amakwaseiland near Tulbagh on  1 October 1842 and left his  five under age children behind.




Nothern Cape "pioneer"

His first child, Adam Johannes Reyneke Walters, was borne in 1830 and married  Maria Jacoba Magdalena Smuts on 23 Julie 1850.  Adam had to sell his farms Leuwenvlei en Wolwekraal near  Riebeek-Kasteel due to drought and cattle losses. Adam decided to move to the Northern Cape and became a transport driver. Adam became the founder of all the Northern Cape Walters families from Victoria West to Loxton, Carnarvon, Van Wyksvlei and others. For more information consult the Walters Family book

  Adam Walters werk as togryer soos   die trein uitbrei oor die Noord-Kaap.      




Alida Johanna Walters- the pioneer mother of many  Australian  families

Hendriks's son, Samuel Hendrik David (*1840), were borne shortly before his fathers death.  Samuel Hendrik David married Susanna Petronella Reyneke and all of their first three sons died young. Their  daughter, Alida Johanna Walters (*1881) married Carleton Brailey, and emigrated to Australia in 1913 to start a new Australian Diaspora. Samuel Hendrik Dawid bought the  “Oude Bakkerij” from the  baker Frans Nicolaas van Wyk's wife in 1896. Samuel was a transport rider "togryer" and his wife a seamstress. His first wife, Susanna Petronella Reyneke, died  in 1894 and he remarried  Helena Aletta Visser. Her name and signage can be seen on a photo taken by Elliot early in the century.  Gabriel Christiaan Theron bought this property from the insolvent estate of Samuel Hendrik David.

  Die huis van  Samuel Hendrik David.      



Oude Bakkerij in Tulbagh

Alys Fane Troter, an English lady who tranversed the Cape and Boland from1896-1898 with her bicycle wrote and  sketch with love our family heritage. She was enchanted with the twisted chimney of of Samuel's house and decided to sketch it. After the disastrous earthquake 1969 the fire place and twisted chimney, as  can be seen in the adjacent photo of the well known  Pierneef wood carving, was restored.  This house can still be viewed today and  named as the  “Oude Bakkerij”.



Pierneef se houtsnee vanf Samuel Hendrik David se huis in 1929.      



Walters decendency again become farmers in Australia

Carleton and Alida's son , Samuel Walters Brailey, borne in Tulbagh  in Pondoland in 1911, became a successful farmer in Manjimup, Western  Australia.  Alida's daughter, Julia, married James Lee (*1929). Their daughter, Julia Doreen Lee, (Moulds) is the author of Shifting the pieces.




Carleton Brailey en Alida Walters. Die meisie in die midedl is  Julia Brailey die moeder van Doreen Moulds.      





Doreen Moulds -Walters decendant and writer.

Doreen Moulds lives with her husband in Lesmurdie, Western Australia. She is currently writing a novel based on the research undertaken for her book Shifting the pieces.  Doreen is the Grand Daughter of Alida Walters  who married Carleton Brailey. Her book, Shifting the Pieces is a rich tapestry of family life. Its immediate setting is the District of Warren in Western Australia but its roots go back to England in 1855, in particular to Bishops Tawton in Devon, and Doreen’s great-grandfather Her memoirs and research unfold a story of travel and hope, love and dedication across paddocks and continents, not only through the members of her own forbears, the Braileys (and  Walters), but also through the lives of other settlers who made up the community based just north of Manjimup known as Linfarn. Doreen has brought her subjects to life and it is easy to Conjure up a picture of her family around the fire, scrambling for light from the single lamp so they can study and read, safe under the roof that is riddled with bullet holes.

  Doreen Moulds, opening the  original  front door of her graet grandfather's house in Tulbagh..      


Shifting the Pieces


Shifting the pieces

I personally recommend this book that describes a wonderful history of our founders and  offsprings  from  England, South Africa and Canada with strong Christian values. Without our forefathers will, courage and believe we would not be here! : Special word of thanks to Doreen for reminding us of our  family values and the wonderful new information about  our   Australian Diaspora. This page is my tribute to Alida Walters and her Australian families.

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